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Monday, January 22, 2007

Clip Sites That Can't Be Clipped

Yes, Clipmarks is a very good tool the best tool to clip snippets of the web, but sometimes there are websites that could not be clipped.
Every Clipper knows the effect and now there is a way to clip such sites, just by installing and using another Firefox Extension.

The extension I am speaking about is called "Web Developer" and it has an option to "outline block level elements" of pages.

Install the webdeveloper extension, click on "Outline" and chose "outline block level elements".
You will then see borders around the paragraphs of the page.
Activate clip mode and there we go:

Clip everything!

P.S.: You can hide the webdeveloper extension if you don't like another toolbar in your browser and activate it ("view") only when you need it.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The best and most effective Way to stop Spam permanently

I have a lot of email accounts and I receive over 500 spam mails daily on my accounts. I've set up mailserver side spam-filters on nearly every account, I use Thunderbird and I am very satisfied with it's built in anti-spam feature.

But sometimes I just wish, I would know who misuses my addresses for spam and then I just want to stop it. Finito.

I found a very interesting article about a trick with Google Mail (Gmail).
This gave me the idea which might not be new or something special, but it is very effective.

1. Register a new domain for your future email communication.

2. Set up a "secret" email account. Use more than five letters and maybe a cryptic one, because spammers will try to spam randomly all kinds of adresses from your host if they choose to. Never use this address for any communication.

3. Two options: Set up a "catch all" mail account which is forwarded to your secret address or set up an account for every website you are registered to and forward it to your secret address.

Now you can see who is sending spam to you or sold your address. You can stop it by killing the email account, bounce all received mails, or whatever you like to do with it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Clipmarks Tag Search via "Smart Keywords" in Firefox 1.5

Holla my Clippers and Clipettes*,

like I discribed in my Clipmark about fulltext search for Clipmarks it is very easy to add socalled "Smart Keywords" to Firefox and other browsers.

It's definetly a timesaver if you are used to type queries into your favourite web apps a thousand times a day like I do.

I tried the Clipmarks text search with that, but I got no good results. I know that the Clipmark guys are working on a better search function (yeahhh go, CM team, go!), but anyway...

I had to add a tag search to my Firefoxizzle smart keywords!

It's so easy... Create a new Quick Search Bookmark in Firefox and take this string:

You can use any keyword for that. I used "cmt".

Tagclouds and following other Clippers are a good way to stay update in the Cliposphere. With your browser's Smart Keywords it's much more simpler:
Type into your browser location bar "cmt music" to get the Clipmarks tagsite for "music". You can use AND and OR etc. to get Clipmarks tagged with "music AND mp3" for example. Just type in "cmt music and mp3". How nice is that?

Clipmarks Tagsearch

Have a good World Cup everybody and a nice day!


* There is only one Clipette, and that's Clipette (TM). Don't mess with her.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fulltext Search for Clipmarks

If you are Firefox, Opera or Surfari User, you can easyly create a full text "quick search" for Clipmarks.

How to:
- Just bookmark this Link here: Clipmarks [via Yahoo]
- Add it to your "Quick Search" Bookmark Folder
- Open your new bookmark with a right click / properties and add "cm" to the "keyword" field

You can now simply type in "cm searchphrase" in your browsers location bar to get all Clipmarks with the text "searchphrase".

Tested and works very well!

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